Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann and Dohrea BardellBioImmersion is the culmination of working 30 years in the holistic health and medical arena. The Therapeutic Foods Supplements are comprised of intelligent and powerful plant-based formulations that implement the science and traditions of food as medicine.

Seann and Dohrea Bardell are dedicated to the field of integrative medicine and are activists for holistic health care practices. Together with an excellent medical and scientific advisory board, doctors, and health care practitioners, farmers, and manufacturers, they have elevated the therapeutic food supplements into an unparalleled category of distinction.

Dohrea Bardell, PhD

Born on a Kibbutz (a socialistic community) in Israel, Dr. Dohrea Bardell was raised with egalitarian principles that formed the foundation from which she frames her life and work. As a Fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation (ISI), Dohrea is researching the process of death and dying with Dr. Judy Stevens-Long. She is also conducting her own research on the influence of World-Theories on the way we organize and explain the biological and social sciences. Learn more about Dohrea.

Seann Bardell – CEO of BioImmersion

As a public health officer in the Peace Corps, Seann first became interested in environmental issues that affect health while serving on the remote Micronesian island of Yap. There, he saw what a pristine environment, free of toxins and chemicals, and fresh, diverse foods could do to sustain the good health of an entire population. With degrees in both zoology and education from the University of Washington, Seann then went on to teach biological sciences in Seattle and New York, ultimately receiving a lifetime teaching award. Learn more about Seann.

Learn about our medical and scientific advisory board here.

Our Therapeutic Food Supplements are available at medical clinics, pharmacies, and selected nutritional stores across the United States and internationally. Or always here at our online store.

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