Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann & Dohrea Bardell

Seann and Dohrea BardellBioImmersion is the culmination of working 30 years in the holistic health and medical field. We produce plant-based formulas that are cultivated and harvested through diverse Ecological Farming methods all over the world. Our purpose is to create a great range of products that support our collective journey toward better health.

Historically, humankind has used foods to heal and restore health. A growing field of scientific research is now dedicated to the study of foods and probiotics. New research is now better able to explain the power and intelligence of foods; how different elements of foods actually work to effect healthy changes in our bodies. The Therapeutic Food Supplements is a rage of products created out of this rich scientific discipline. Foods are shown in research to deeply nourish our bodies, support a gentle and natural detoxification, protect against environmental toxins, and rebuild our health. The BioImmersion therapeutic food formulas are built with pure, concentrated whole plant based foods and extracts, strong pedigreed probiotics, and vital nutriceuticals.

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Our Therapeutic Food Supplements are available at medical clinics and pharmacies across the United States and internationally.

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