Seann & Dohrea Bardell Bio

Dohrea Bardell, PhD

World - Theories offer differing core viewpoints, various methods for data collection, and unifying narratives that explain our world. Our views and experiences depend upon the theories we choose.

Born on a Kibbutz (a socialistic community) in Israel, Dr. Dohrea Bardell was raised with egalitarian principles that formed the foundation from which she frames her life and work. As a Fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation (ISI), Dohrea is researching the process of death and dying with Dr. Judy Stevens-Long. She is also conducting her own research on the influence of World-Theories on the way we organize and explain the biological and social sciences.

As part of her PhD in Human Development at Fielding Graduate University, Dohrea developed a normative theoretical model that aims to position peace as an international law. Her Kantian peace model embodies a reasoned and compassionate approach to peace and justice issues in international relations. Dohrea's vision for world peace is a reflective, nonviolent model that includes public spaces for open discussions about citizens uniting in freedom and equality to bring about peaceful existence for all.

The Journey Towards Health

Dohrea Bardell started her search for natural health care approaches in the mid 1970s. She was not feeling well and searched for ways to simply feel better. Dohrea formed her first company, Physicare, in 1979, to design stress reduction programs for corporate employee benefits. Working collaboratively with doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists, and exercise coaches, the Physicare team offered unique approaches to stress management with Zen Shiatsu, rejuvenating massages, nutritional consulting, and more. In 1982, not feeling well turned into a serious and painful chronic illness.

Suffering from debilitating chemical sensitivities, allergies, chronic infections and pain, Dohrea and Seann embarked upon a journey towards health, learning and teaching the importance of love, dedication to one another, and the need for chemical free environments, fresh, toxic free and potent foods, and the integration of scientific research and holistic medicine. These lessons formed the foundation for their Therapeutic Food Supplements.

Seann Bardell – CEO

Some say ‘food as medicine’ is an old idea. I say ‘food as medicine’ encompasses how we farm, how we eat, how we heal.

As a public health officer in the Peace Corps, Seann first became interested in environmental issues that affect health while serving on the remote Micronesian island of Yap. There, he saw what a pristine environment, free of toxins and chemicals, and fresh, diverse foods could do to sustain the good health of an entire population. With degrees in both zoology and education from the University of Washington, Seann then went on to teach biological sciences in Seattle and New York, ultimately receiving a lifetime teaching award.

A lifelong activist and educator, Seann has traveled all over the world to research diverse health and spiritual traditions, while teaching adults natural health and lifestyle practices throughout the United States and internationally. As the CEO of BioImmersion Inc., Seann has lectured at George Washington University, Bastyr University, the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Hawthorn University.

The Therapeutic Foods Supplements is a plant-based range created with the collaborative friendships of many scientists, doctors, manufacturers, and farmers. To help BioImmersion accomplish its mission, Seann and Dohrea asked their friends to join them, forming a board of renowned physicians, nutritional practitioners, farmers, and scientists.

Eco-farming is Seann’s passion since he helped his beloved grandmother Booth farm her five-acre organic gardens. At the Maui Zen Center, Seann worked under the tutelage of Roshi Robert Aitken, as an organic farmer, meditating and growing power-filled organic foods for the monks.

His experience of Biodynamic farming took place in Covelo, California, working alongside Alan Chadwick, who brought the concept of Biodynamic farming to the US. Roshi, Chadwick, and grandmother Booth, gave Seann the vision for a healthy world.

Seann has written the regular newsletter Forward Thinking since 2008. It goes out to thousands of physicians and those with an interest in health, ecology, and zoology. The newsletter is also published through BioImmersion’s blog, which you can read here.

He is now writing a book, Therapeutic Foods: The New Paradigm for Eco Farming, Health, and Saving Our Planet, targeted for publication soon.