Therapeutic Food Supplements

Therapeutic Food Supplements

In the 21st Century, our environment is increasingly toxic.

Virulent pathogens, harmful chemicals, global commerce and world travel, combined with poor dietary habits and the fast pace of life create a deadly assault on our good health. Experts and scientists agree that the global population's health condition is a mounting crisis.

Healthy lifestyle practices, such as, good nutrition with eco farmed foods, science based supplementation, and a toxin free home environment is an excellent foundation for good health. Our government instituted the “5-9 A Day” campaign to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits.  

But we need more.

Therapeutic Food Supplements

Therapeutic Food Supplements: The Science, Intelligence and Power of Food as Medicine

BioImmersion Inc. has formulated an innovative new eco-farmed and wild crafted plant-based food supplements, the culmination of 30 years of research and experience in the healthcare arena.

Our Therapeutic Food Supplements are founded upon the principle that as life becomes faster and more toxic, our bodies require powerful, high active nutrients. Foods that are formulated intelligently and farmed ecologically to deeply nourish and combat the growing multi-factorial assault on our bodies.

Food as medicine is an ancient concept - but food backed by science and conscientiously grown and manufactured - has the power to transform lives.

The Systemic Science of Foods

BioImmersion has advanced the ancient medical framework that is based on foods with new scientific discovery. Research has shown food to act as the best health-building agents in our bodies.Garlic For this reason we have formulated the Therapeutic Food Supplements with a wide variety of whole plant based foods and their extracts. Our eco farmed and wild crafted berries, fruits and vegetables, cruciferous sprouts, fibers from seeds and grains, and plant minerals, provide powerful nutrients to help the body repair, regenerate, and protect against the harmful environment.

To this nurturing mix we add the fermented art of probiotics and their metabolites, the gold standard of pedigreed strains of hardy, friendly and hardworking microorganism to balance our microbiome. We complete the line with plant based and vital nutriceuticals, and much love, from us to you.

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