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Therapeutic Food Supplements

Our supplements are rooted in the belief that as life becomes faster, our bodies require deeper nutrition of high actives.

We need a variety of pure concentrated whole foods and extracts, designed to deeply nourish as well as combat the growing threats of modern life.

This is why we formulated our Therapeutic Food Supplements, and why we believe your body will thank you for trying them!

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BioImmersion Believes

Environmental protection and economic growth go hand-in-hand with good economic policies and advanced technologies to achieve a sustainable economy, environmental quality and social equity.


We are thrilled to present to you our newest Therapeutic Food Supplement:  the No. 4 Systemic Booster: Metabolic Balance.

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“We are the care takers for Mother Earth,” Words of wisdom from a Yankunytjatjara elder.

"The hunger of 800 million happens at the same time as another historical first: that they are outnumbered by the one billion people on this planet who are overweight" (Patel, 2007). 

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