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Therapeutic Food Supplements

Our supplements are rooted in the belief that as life becomes more complex with toxicity, pathogens, and stress, our bodies need intelligent nutrition of high actives; a wide variety of pure, concentrated whole foods and extracts, designed to deeply nourish as well as combat the growing threats of modern life. 

This is why we formulated our Therapeutic Food Supplements, and why we believe your body will thank you for trying them!

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1/20/15: Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. How can good bugs and fiber help to reduce the risk? Click that link to read on!

12/31/14: Happy New Year! To celebrate the season we're offering 15% of all orders placed before 7th January, 2015. Just enter the code HOLIDAY15 at checkout to see your savings!

12/2/14: Our CEO Seann Bardell was the guest of radio host Drew Taddia over the holiday weekend, on the "Exploring Mind & Body" show.

He discussed "Farming Food and Healing" and you can play or download the whole show here to listen at your leisure.

11/3/14: As cold and flu season descends once again, it's time to give your immune system a helping hand. Check out our latest update on therapeutic food recipes that can help to fight off nasty infections!

10/3/14: Seann's informative article on the importance of diverse foods has been picked up by the excellent Natural Solutions magazine, Take a look at the full article here: "Food Diversity is Key to Good Health. 

9/15/14: We are excited to share the latest article from our medical director Dr. George Kessler, DO. To read his overview of our Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic Formula, click here.

8/1/14: Let us introduce George Kessler, DO, BioImmersion’s medical director and a few of our board of advisors.

Click here to read more, and also check out Dr. Kessler’s recent summary on the benefits of boron and the Fructo Borate!

Green Facts

Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. EWG fights for clean water and toxics reform and gives powerful information directly to consumers. Learn how to support their work here.

Product of the Month

Our highlighted supplement for December is a familiar favorite, back and better than ever, our Blueberry Extract!

 Blueberry Extract

The nourishing qualities of this beautiful berry are concentrated in this one extract with many diverse health benefits.

Healthcare practitioners and pharmacies can order this supplement here. To find a provider in your area, visit our 'Where to Buy' page.


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