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Research has shown phyto-nutrients to be intelligent health-building agents. This is the concept and mechanism of Hormesis.

The Therapeutic Foods Supplements encompass the diversity of potent eco farmed and wild crafted plant-based nutrients, the next generation activated probiotics and their rich metabolites, and the vitality of patented nutriceuticals.

The BioImmersion product range utilizes the Power, Intelligence, and Hormetic nature of phyto-nutrients, probiotics, and nutriceuticals to effect health in our body.



  1. Dohrea Bardell, PhD. Congratulations!

    A very big congratulation to our amazing and fantastic BioImmersion president, Dohrea Bardell, on becoming a PhD.

  2. Yogurt, Kimchi and Therapeutic Food

    Make your own wonderful yogurt and fermented veggies with the powerful good bacteria found in the Original and the Supernatant Synbiotic formulas.

  3. Blueberry Extract

    The most powerful blueberry extract on the market. This 100% North American blueberry has an unusually broad spectrum of ...

  4. Maui anyone?

    We will be in Maui at the Hawaii Doc Talks Convention! Are you coming? It is March 2-5 and we are excited!